Making a Splash

Mike Taylor has insights that few possess. He'll show you how you can be at the lowest of lows, yet reach the highest of heights. I'd pay attention to what Mike has to say because it will transform your life.

Duncan Goodhew, Olympic Gold Medalist Swimmer

A book that could potentially transform your life

Making A Splash

Written by Mike Taylor, as told to Todd Klick

Mike Taylor was a rambunctious 26-year-old London designer who lived in the fast lane, pursuing his passions for sports, career and socializing with reckless abandon. But when Multiple Sclerosis stole his ability to walk, and took away his corporate job, the usually full-of-life Mike was forced to look at himself in the mirror and deal with a possible future as a handicapped person.

Instead of retreating, however, Mike bolted boldly forward and set a goal to tackle what most considered an insane and impossible task: To conquer the Mount Everest of all swims, the English Channel. Making A Splash explores Mike Taylor's dramatic highs and lows as he battles a fierce disease, a failing body, a faltering career, and a fledgling love-life. Making A Splash takes the reader into the private depth of Mike's MS hell with painful honesty and surprising humor, and ultimately reveals how to accomplish great feats despite crushing adversities.

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My book,
Making a Splash

Will be published February 2012

This will show you what is not holding you back in your life